Bvlgari Fan Necklace In matt gold with a classic fan shape, this simple yet elegant necklace will look great on you.
$53.00 $102.00
Bvlgari Necklaces New for '22 diva collection Five Skirt Necklaces in the classic Bvlgari scalloped skirt collection.
$57.00 $106.00
Bvlgari Necklace Breaking through the previous design style, with the flower as the base shape, the diamonds on the petals are all hand-set, showing the shape of the flower perfectly ❗️
$47.00 $85.00
The most popular new coin necklace, also known as the "Fortune of the hour" necklace, is available for both men and women.
$45.00 $82.00
BV natural stone small fan small skirt Bulgari necklace. Authentic open mould! Exclusive! Original handmade clasp original details! Each piece of natural stone is hand set!
$44.00 $83.00
Bvlgari bracelet Serpenti Viper diamond-set snake bone bracelet in thick plated V-gold. The perfectly set diamonds are carefully polished and fit perfectly into the metal edges!
$55.00 $102.00
Bvlgari bracelet Seiko natural lapis lazuli reversible bracelet Natural onyx, malachite and fine white mother-of-pearl
$45.00 $81.00
Bvlgari bracelet ✨ red with diamonds scalloped bangle ~ open design, new BVLGAR onyx white mother-of-pearl scalloped bangle with diamonds
$52.00 $95.00
BVLGARI BRACELET Onyx Scalloped Bangle with Diamonds ~ Open designNew BVLGAR Onyx White Mother-of-pearl Scalloped Bangle with Diamonds
$52.00 $95.00
Bvlgari bracelet ✨ [Malachite] diamond-set fan bracelet ~ open design 💎 new BVLGA Bvlgari jewellery diva collection small skirt bracelet ✨ creative fan design with [3 colours].
$52.00 $99.00
Bvlgari Bracelet ~ Open design 💎 New BVLGAR Bracelet, Bvlgari Matte Gold Alphabet Bracelet High-end
$46.00 $83.00
Bvlgari bracelet ~ new BVLGAR bracelet, made of titanium steel , Bvlgari jewellery in matt gold, monogrammed bracelet High Version
$51.00 $98.00
This is the classic B.Zero1 rose gold couple's ring, using the whole body V gold material in accordance with the original mould, really love it, all kinds of occasions can hold perfectly!
$65.00 $119.00
Full Diamond 3 Circle Snake Ring (sizes s, m, and L) Snake classic ring from the b bao family is a classic design with awesome overall craftsmanship details.
$80.00 $152.00