Product Disclaimer

The products you choose to purchase from this mall indicate that you have agreed and approved the products. If it is not a quality problem, this mall does not assume any responsibility.

Logistics Disclaimer

The website will not be held responsible if the website sales system crashes or cannot be used normally due to force majeure or other uncontrollable reasons, resulting in failure to complete online transactions or loss of relevant information, records, etc. However, we will do our best to assist in handling the aftermath and strive to reduce the economic losses that customers may suffer.

This mall can handle relevant transportation procedures according to the buyer's requirements, but our responsibilities and obligations are limited to delivering goods on time and assisting the buyer with inquiries when encountering logistics accidents. We are not responsible for any compensation other than that provided by the logistics to the customer. All inquiries and claims shall be made in accordance with Logistics regulations are handled. The buyer shall not claim compensation before the full logistics inquiry period has expired. Buyers are reminded to verify the detailed delivery address and consignee phone number to avoid delays in delivery. Anyone shopping in this mall is deemed to agree to this statement.

Customer supervision

We hope to provide the best service to our customers through unremitting efforts. We accept supervision from our customers throughout the entire process of providing services to our customers.

Dispute handling

If any dispute occurs between the customer and the website, it can be resolved in accordance with the agreement or relevant laws recognized by both parties at the time.