【LOUIS VUITTON】(Brown) OnthegoEast-West Classic Presbyopia Full Print, Zipper Closure, One Shoulder Messenger Handbag, Ladies

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[LOUIS VUITTON] (Brown) OnthegoEast-West classic old flower all over print, zipper closure, one-shoulder crossbody handbag, women's style 
Commodity parameters:
Main article number: M46653
Size: 26.5*14*10cm
Release date: 2023.07.28
Structure: Zipper opening and closing
Reminder: Explanation about the product version: Since LV will gradually cancel the year code from 2021, it will be replaced by the chip version: and the LV bags currently sold on the Dewu platform are limited to production within 3 years, so there will be a chip version and a chip version. I would like to know if the coded version is randomly distributed (except for most new packages released after 21 years).
Color color: brown
Packaging list Dust bag required, original box, original handbag selected according to specifications
Reminder: [ROKUMALL] currently offers This color may not be complete, if you can't find the style or color you like, you can contact us to order!
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Physical shooting:
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