LV-M53766【LOUIS VUITTON】(white) stitched presbyopia travel bag for men

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Main article number: M53766

Release date: Spring/Summer 2020

Structure: Zippered inner pocket, double zipper closure

Shoulder strap length: 36-50cm (removable and adjustable)

Whether there is a tie rod: none

Color: white

Applicable seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter

Style: European and American fashion, Japanese and Korean

Closure method: zipper

Texture: cowhide, canvas

Packing list: dust bag required: original box, original handbag selected according to specifications

Warm reminder: Regarding product version issues: Since LV will gradually cancel the year coding starting from 2021,

Replaced by chip version: The LV currently sold on the Qidewu platform is guaranteed to be produced within 3 years.

Therefore, the chip version and the coded version will be randomly distributed (except for most new packages released after 21 years). Hope you know.

Tip: If you can’t find the style or  color, please contact customer service for customization!

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