GC-728309 [GUCCI] Women's Mini (Multiple Colors) [23 New Styles] GG Matelasse Gold Logo Bottom Design Leather Canvas Double Straps Leather Tote Bag Crossbody Bag Handbag

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Warm reminder: The color and style of this product currently provided by [ROKUMALL] may not be the same Complete, if you can't find the style or color you like, you can contact us to order.
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product details:

Main article number: 728309-UM8HG-1563

Release date: Spring 2023

Structure: 2 main compartments 1 zip pocket

Size: mini

Color: gray

Packing list: Dust-proof packaging is required; original box, original handbag selected according to specifications

Texture: Leather

Size: 23*22*10cm

Tip: If you can’t find the style or color, please contact customer service for customization!

Actual shooting:

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